DER GOALIE BIN IG (engl. I am the goalkeeper/ I am Goalie) by Sabine Boss

2014 | Movie drama

Goalie stands in front of the prison and waits for his best friend Ueli, for whom he kept his mouth shut and sat in prison for a year: “An interim low“, as he says.

From now on, everything will be better. He makes his way to Schummertal, his hometown, a small town where everybody knows everybody, to start afresh, without drugs.

Meanwhile his friend Ueli slipped even deeper into the drug-scene and can not/ can’t understand why Goalie would suddenly want to change his lifestyle and in his eyes become a “Bünzli“.

The two cannot draw on past times, even though they know each other since early childhood. Goalie finds work and falls in love with Regula, a waitress, however she is already taken. With unwavering optimism he (Goalie) is fighting for her (Regula’s) love.

When Regula gets beaten by her boyfriend Goalie’s time has come. He drives with her to Spain to stay at a friend’s house. There the two experience a brief period of happiness. But the past catches up with him (Goalie) and threatens to destroy the newfound love.


Marcus Signer, Pascal Ulli, Sonja Riesen, Michael Neuenschwander, Andreas Matti, uvm.


Screenplay Sabine Boss, Pedro Lenz, Jasmine Hoch | Direction Sabine Boss | Producers Michael Steiger, Anita Wasser, Theres Scherer | Co-Producers SRF, Teleclub | Camera Michael Saxer | Production Design Gerald Damovsky | Editing Stefan Kälin | Music Peter von Siebenthal, Richard Köchli

Rewards / Awards

  • Swiss Film Prize “Quartz“ – Best Movie
  • Swiss Film Prize “Quartz“ – Best Leading Actor Marcus Signer
  • Swiss Film Prize “Quartz“ – Best Screenplay Jasmine Hoch, Sabine Boss, Pedro Lenz
  • Swiss Film Prize “Quartz“ – Best Filmmusic Peter von Siebenthal, Stefan Köchli
  • Bernese Film Prize – Best Feature Film
  • Zurich Film Prize – Best Feature Film
  • Film Critic’s Prize – Best Feature Film
  • Prix Walo – Best Swiss Feature Film

Distribution / World Sales

Distributor Ascot Elite Entertainment Group | World Sales Turnus Film AG