Dinu by Simon Aeby

2013 | TV drama

Even though Dinu is meant to take over the indebted family farm once, his dream is to one day become a wrestling champion.

Alongside his training, Dinu works at the local mill to support his family financially. The owner of the factory is at the same time a construction investor and his son Karl – a very successful wrestler – Dinu’s arch-enemy and favorite of the next Wrestling Festival.

When Dinu unexpectedly receives a generous sponsorship deal, he can finally terminate his work at the mill König and increasingly devote himself to his workout. His goal, to take over the crown from Karl König finally comes closer. With new-found confidence Dinu falls in love with veterinarian Dr. Laura Peters. Like Dinu, as a newcomer to the village she does not have many friends.

Does the love of the two misfits have any chances? And after all, can Dinu decide the next important battle against his rival Karl in his favor?


Jonathan Loosli, Peter Freiburghaus, Esther Gemsch, Selma Knecht, Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart, Dominik Gysin, Suly Röthlisberger, Urs Jucker, uvm.


Screenplay Simon Aeby | Producers Susann Henggeler, Alfi Sinniger, Hans G. Syz | Camera Hans Syz | Production Design Reto Trösch | Editing Claudio Cea | Music Diego Baldenweg, Michael Sauter

Distribution / World Sales

World Sales Turnus Film AG