MANAGER by Sabine Boss

Drama | based on the suicide case of Pierre Wauthier of the Zurich Versicherung

Finance prodigy Lukas (35) moves to Zurich with his family to take up the CFP position of the Walser Group.

Shortly thereafter German Brockmann is appointed as the new chairman. With aggressive expansion strategies he wants to radically restructure the company against the wishes of the Swiss CEO. In Lukas he seeks an ally and pushes him to peak performances.

After the multi-million dollar acquisition of a Japanese consortium Lukas reaches his limits – limits he can’t reveal to anyone. He slips into a spiral of excuses and self-deception, which ultimately leaves him only one last way out of this vicious circle. In his suicide note he is censorious of Brockmann.

The case makes quite a splash in the media. While his wife Anna has to live with the consequences and Brockmann is discharged with a high severance, the executive committee has thanks to the stock market launch made large profits.

WOLKENBRUCHS WUNDERLICHE REISE IN DIE ARME EINER SCHICKSE (engl. Wolkenbruch’s wondrous journey into the arms of a shiksa) – by Michael Steiner

Comedy–drama | based on the successful novel by Thomas Meyer – nominated for the Swiss book prize 2012


The young Orthodox Jew, Motti Wolkenbruch, finds himself at a turning point. His beloved mother wants him to get married and presents one marriage candidate after the other. Unfortunately none of the woman pleases him, because they all look just like her. The situation gets even more complicated, when Motti secretly falls in love with the non-Jewish girl Laura, a so-called Shiksa.




Zusammen mit Frau und Tochter wird der CEO einer Holding in seiner Villa von einem Geiselnehmer überrascht. Kurze Zeit später stehen Liz Ritschard und Reto Flückiger vor der Tür. Sie ermitteln im Mordfall an einer Wirtschaftsprofessorin und wollen den CEO routinemässig befragen, doch auch die Ermittler geraten in die Fänge des Geiselnehmers. In einer langen und verzweifelten Nacht der Gefangenschaft kommen nicht nur familiäre Geheimnisse ans Licht, sondern es wird auch klar, wer die Professorin umgebracht hat.

UN NEMICO CHE TI VUOLE BENE (engl. An enemy that wants the good) by Denis Rabaglia



On a rainy night professor Enzo Stefanelli coincidentally rescues the life of a 30 year old Mafioso. In return for this gesture the killer promises him to kill an enemy of the professor.

Against the professor’s will, he sets off in search of a potential enemy in hiw environment, disrupting the previously structured life of the professor.

What if it is true that each of us has an enemy that has to be gotten rid off? After initial skepticism Enzo decides to open up his eyes to his life and the people who surround him…

Will Enzo be able to identify his true enemy?
And how will the killer, who has become Enzo’s only friend, behave?



Commissars Reto Flückiger and Liz Ritschard are called upon to investigate a mysterious case: An unknown person falls from a bridge directly in front of a long-distance bus. The man carries no ID and is drugged up to the eyeballs with medicine.

Who is the dead person? Is this a case of suicide or are the drugs a clue that points at murder? The bus driver is the only one who may have witnessed something, but he is heavily traumatised by the incident...

IM NIRGENDWO (engl. Nowhere) by Katalin Gödrös

2016 | TV drama | A film based on a true story.


The dead body of a black African is found in front of a mountain chalet in the Bernese Oberland. Despite protests from the local population, the man gets buried in the collective grave of the municipality. To this day, his identity has not been clarified.

TATORT - Freitod (engl. CRIME SCENE - Suicide) by Sabine Boss

2016 | TV thriller


An elderly German woman suffers from an incurable Parkinson’s disease. She decides to put an end to her suffering and travels to Switzerland with her daughter. With the support of an organization offering active suicide assistance she wants to part from this life.

DER GOALIE BIN IG (engl. I am the goalkeeper/ I am Goalie) by Sabine Boss

2014 | Movie drama


Goalie stands in front of the prison and waits for his best friend Ueli, for whom he kept his mouth shut and sat in prison for a year: “An interim low“, as he says.

DINU by Simon Aeby

2013 | TV drama


Even though Dinu is meant to take over the indebted family farm once, his dream is to one day become a wrestling champion.

TATORT – WUNSCHDENKEN (engl. Crime Scene – Wishful thinking) by Markus Imboden

2011 | TV thriller


The first Swiss TATORT leads Reto Flückiger (Stefan Gubser) from his former job as a Bodensee commissar to Lucerne.

SENNENTUNTSCHI by Michael Steiner

2010 | Movie drama


1975, Swiss Alps: On a remote Alp a young woman of wild beauty, seemingly out of nowhere, appears.

LIEBLING LASS UNS SCHEIDEN (engl. Darling let’s get divorced) by Jürg Ebe

2010 | Cinema comedy


“I want to get divorced!“, breaks Franziska (42) to her husband. He thought, visiting a marriage counselor occurred only because of a few minor martial problems.

HANDYMAN by Jürg Ebe

2008 | Cinema comedy


Mike (Marco Rima), an employee of a record label, is lovesick: His girlfriend is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend.

GOING AGAINST FATE by Viviane Blumenschein

2008 | Cinema documentary


The film follows the American conductor David Zinman and the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich during their rehearsals, concerts and recordings of the 6th Symphony by Gustav Mahler.


2001 | Movie drama


At the wish of her father, Hermine (Hermione) the young daughter of the rich master carpenter Frymann ought to marry a rich colleague from Zurich in 1849.