GOING AGAINST FATE by Viviane Blumenschein

2008 | Cinema documentary

The film follows the American conductor David Zinman and the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich during their rehearsals, concerts and recordings of the 6th Symphony by Gustav Mahler.

The main character of the film is David Zinman as a charismatic figure, who not only leads the film emotionally, but also regarding the film’s contents. His tales of Mahler’s personal life offer the audience exclusive insights into the emotional and musical world of a grand composer.

At the same time the spectator observes interactions behind the scenes, as well as following the path of conductor and orchestra to the complete recording and fathoms the mystery of a musical masterpiece: the Symphony.


Julia Becker, Andreas Berger, Benjamin Forster, Thomas Grossenbacher, Florenz Jenny, Anita Leuzinger, uvm.


Screenplay Viviane Blumenschein, Elena Bromund | Producers Hans G. Syz, Susann Henggeler | Co-Producers Urs Augustburger, Thomas Beck | Camera Christoph Arni | Editing Oli Weiss | Music Frank Kruse, Martin Steyer, Marco Teufen

Distribution / World Sales

Distributor Arthouse Commercio Movie AG | World Sales Turnus Film AG