HANDYMAN by Jürg Ebe

2008 | Cinema comedy

Mike (Marco Rima), an employee of a record label, is lovesick: His girlfriend is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend.

He seeks advice in the radio program of psychologist Gregor Frank. However, Georg is also in a crisis: He is pressured by his publisher to deliver a manuscript of his planned new guidebook shortly. Additionally, his girlfriend, the pilot Christina Berger, suspects that he is cheating on her.

After an initial severe dispute the psychologist promises unlucky fellow Mike to find him his dream girl within five days, if Mike in return helps him drafting the guidebook.

The deal is set. The title of the book is HANDYMAN. Thanks to the recommended reading Mike soon meets an attractive pilot, whom he henceforth calls “Heidi“. However, the two friends have no idea that Mike’s beloved is no one other than Gregory’s girlfriend Christina…


Marco Rima, Oliver Korittke, Walter Sittler, Regula Grauwiller, Stéphanie Berger, Patrick Frey, Anikó Donáth, Heidi Maria Glössner, Fiona Hefti, DJ Bobo, Karin Lanz, Linda Geiser uvm.


Screenplay Martin Copeland, Jürg Ebe, Marco Rima | Producer Hans G. Syz | Camera Hans G. Syz | Production Design Jörg Prinz | Editing Markus Welter | Music Phil Dankner, Moritz Schneider

Rewards / Awards

  • Prix Walo Nomination 2007

Distribution / World Sales

Distributor Walt Disney Studios Schweiz | World Sales Turnus Film AG