LIEBLING LASS UNS SCHEIDEN (engl. Darling let’s get divorced) by Jürg Ebe

2010 | Cinema comedy

“I want to get divorced!“, breaks Franziska (42) to her husband. He thought, visiting a marriage counselor occurred only because of a few minor martial problems.

Franziska is a successful businesswoman and gets courted by Maik, the good-looking junior boss of her company, whereas Oliver has been eking out his existence as a house husband over the years and has taken care of their teenage children Anna and Tim.

While Franziska resides in London with her boss for a couple of weeks, Oliver meets his childhood sweetheart Sophie, a successful gallery owner. She encourages him to take up painting again. Gradually Oliver finds his way back to becoming the old charmer, he once was.

In London Franziska starts doubting her initial decision and she isn’t sure if Maik is the one for her. When she returns wanting to save their marriage, Oliver surprisingly agrees to get divorced. What now?


Marco Rima, Esther Schweins, Mark Keller, Andrea Zogg, Nadja Brenneisen, Basil Eidenbenz, Noémie Kocher, Stefan Gubser, uvm.


Screenplay Andreas Gaw, Marco Rima | Producers Hans Syz, Turnus Film AG, Marco Rima, Keep Cool Entertainment | Co-Producers Schweizer Fernsehen, Teleclub | Camera Hans Syz | Production Design Jörg Prinz | Editing Claudio Cea | Music Moritz Schneider, Robin Hoffmann, Popcorn

Distribution / World Sales

Distributor Walt Disney Motion Pictures Switzerland | World Sales Turnus Film AG