MANAGER by Sabine Boss

Drama | based on the suicide case of Pierre Wauthier of the Zurich Versicherung

Finance prodigy Lukas (35) moves to Zurich with his family to take up the CFP position of the Walser Group.

Shortly thereafter German Brockmann is appointed as the new chairman. With aggressive expansion strategies he wants to radically restructure the company against the wishes of the Swiss CEO. In Lukas he seeks an ally and pushes him to peak performances.

After the multi-million dollar acquisition of a Japanese consortium Lukas reaches his limits – limits he can’t reveal to anyone. He slips into a spiral of excuses and self-deception, which ultimately leaves him only one last way out of this vicious circle. In his suicide note he is censorious of Brockmann.

The case makes quite a splash in the media. While his wife Anna has to live with the consequences and Brockmann is discharged with a high severance, the executive committee has thanks to the stock market launch made large profits.


Ulrich Tukur, Stefan Kurt


Screenplay Norbert Maas, Simone Schmid, Sabine Boss | Production Turnus Film AG (Anita Wasser, Michael Steiger)


Distributor Ascot Elite Film