TATORT - Freitod (engl. CRIME SCENE - Suicide) by Sabine Boss

2016 | TV thriller

An elderly German woman suffers from an incurable Parkinson’s disease. She decides to put an end to her suffering and travels to Switzerland with her daughter. With the support of an organization offering active suicide assistance she wants to part from this life.

A team of assistants in euthanasia welcomes the pair in an apartment building on the outskirts and accompanies the elderly lady with dignity into her death.

The following day one of the assistants in euthanasia is found dead in a park nearby. Commissars Liz Ritschard and Reto Flückiger take on the investigations and inevitably get caught in the crossfire of supporters and opponents of euthanasia.


Stefan Gubser, Delia Mayer, Fabienne Hadorn, Jean-Pierre Cornu, uvm.


Screenplay Eveline Stähelin / Josy Meier | Producers Anita Wasser, Michael Steiger | Co-Producers SRF / ARD / ORF | Camera Michael Saxer | Music Fabian Römer