Turnus Film AG is an independent Swiss film production, which has its headquarters in Zurich. It was founded in 1959 and under the leadership of producer and cinematographer Hans Syz, the company developed into a pioneer of international film advertising production.

Today Turnus Film AG exclusively produces national and international cinema, television- and documentary films in the premium art-house and mainstream sector.

Hans Syz produced, amongst others, HANDYMAN with Marco Rima, TATORT by Markus Imboden, the successful TV drama DINU by Simon Aeby as well as the well-known Alps-thriller SENNENTUNTSCHI by Michael Steiner and co-produced the documentary GOING AGAINST FATE by Viviane Blumenschein.

In July 2015 producers Michael Steiger and Anita Wasser have become co-owners and partners of Turnus Film AG. Both of them worked at the production company C-Films in Zurich for ten years. C-Films is known for the celebrated feature films NACHTZUG NACH LISSABON by Bille August, YOUTH by Paolo Sorrentino, DER GOALI BIN IG by Sabine Boss, VERDINGBUB by Markus Imboden, the successful documentary DRAMA AM GAULIGLETSCHER by Cristina Karrer & Patricia Wagner and various TATORT productions.

Turnus Film AG initiates new projects and accompanies their development with great commitment. The company stands for continuity in the collaborations with authors and directors and campaigns for the promotion of emerging talents. Its strength also includes the continuous expansion of its network of international co-production partners.